Photography by River City Shooter

OPT's purpose is to serve as a resource for preservation-minded citizens to learn how they can preserve and revitalize historic properties in Orange County.



OPT promotes the preservation and redevelopment of key structures and neighborhood landmarks in Orange County, Florida. We will work directly with local partners to study reuse alternatives, build public support and connect with private interests who bring vision, expertise and resources to move projects forward.


Cultural Heritage

The term “cultural heritage” refers not only to historic buildings, but to the intangible qualities of a place. Cultural heritage encompasses all the attributes of a place that have aesthetic, historic or social value for past, present and future generations.

OPT promotes the history of Orange County, Florida neighborhoods and assists with efforts to interpret cultural resources, particularly those in core city neighborhoods.



OPT educates residential and commercial property owners, city officials, trades-people, and community partners on the principles, practices, and benefits of using our historic resources wisely. We use the following venues to raise awareness of preservation initiatives, issues, and opportunities: workshops, newsletters, web site, colloquia, printed materials, speakers and public forums.


It’s about people, economics, environment, and place. It’s a way to create a common bond.
— Susan Omoto, OPT founding board member